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La Mariposa / Dallasite & Dancer


Tango dancers from across the state, nation and around the world have often remarked on the beautiful Plaza Arts Center. They say it looks like just like the dance halls in Buenos Aires. To me, it seems to be a cross between Nino Bien and Club Gricel with its vast maple floor and high balcony.

As the song "Poema" played one evening during a Mariposa milonga, several Argentine dancers from "Forever Tango" in a melodic, longing sigh, simultaneously rose from the table to dance their heartfelt tango. Truly, Dallas transformed into Buenos Aires in that magical moment.

Now, as I look down from the balcony, I reflect upon that wonderful evening and see that it has carried on in some way. Each embraced couple is dancing in their own world of emotions; their footwork musically expressing life's paths and obstacles ... their tango ... in a postcard perfect setting.

Get your ticket to the milonga, step into the Plaza, into the enchantment of tango, and let the heartfelt warmth of Buenos Aires embrace you.




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