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Laurie Vega began learning Argentine style tango in 1997 under local instruction. In 1998, she co-founded the non-profit Tango Argentino of Dallas (T.A.D.) and served on its board for over two years. She has organized numerous workshops and hosted over 200 milongas (tango parties) spinning as tango djay to traditional, alternative and themed music.  She has taught in all of T.A.D.'s Tangothons and in Mexico. In addition, to serving as a tango media consultant, she  lectures on the African roots of tango and has been an invited speaker by the City of Dallas, the MENSA society (for geniuses) and most recently, at the University of Texas at Dallas during the fall of 2014.  Since 2000, she has performed with and choreographed tangos for professional theater and dance groups (the first Texan and Dallasite to do so), charity groups, fund raisers, entertainment companies, major corporations, cultural festivals, weddings, private parties, conferences, country clubs and the State Fair of Texas. She has performed on stages at The Majestic, Teatro Dallas, Latino Cultural Center, Anatole, and various dance halls/ restaurants and galleries.

A devoted student of Argentine tango, Laurie has taken numerous workshops and private lessons with Juan Carlos and Johanna Copes, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida, Diego di Falco and Carlolina Zokalski, Guillermo Merlo and Fernanda Ghi, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Fabian Salas and Carolina del Rivero, Facundo and Kelly Posadas, Nito and Elba Garcia, Luciana Valle and Alex Krebs, Miguel Zotto, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa and many others. Since 2001, she has studied intensively with world class tango dancers, internationally acclaimed, world touring "Forever Tango" show dancers, and revolutionary/experimental Buenos Aires milongueros (social dance hall tango enthusiasts).  

Laurie's focus on dancing is on technique, elegance, musicality and improvisation. She has been complemented for her embellishments and precise foot work, her smoothness and finesse, her "feather" lightness, her torque and flexibility, and her dramatic, creative choreographies. She has been described as a highly interpretative, emotional dancer with a good ear.  As a trainer, she has been noted in Dallas and critiqued in Buenos Aires as "excellent" and "phenomenal." As a teacher, her goal is to inspire others to discover the passion for something ... the joy of tango, to transcend physical barriers and become beautiful forms of movement meshed with music, to find a universe of human expression in life itself.

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